Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Posing like a boss – Cape Town Shoot

All the public ever see's from a fashion photo shoot are the final images. They don’t know what goes on in a day of a model’s life. 

Being in front of the camera, sun blistering in the eyes, body starts to ache with the different positions you need to be in and at some point you just had enough. But all is worth it in the end because normally the final product comes out better than what you expected it to be.

It’s not all about the Model, one of the main people, is the photographer. On this specific shoot I was fortunate enough to work with Celeste van Rooyen who was full of excitement and made me comfortable in front of the camera, just like any photographer should.

We shot these images all around Cape Town. The day started out with a light drizzle but as the day went by it cleared up and the sun came out.

Here are a few of the final images of this days shoot:

Here are some of the images taken in the Gardens in Cape Town:

Celeste van Rooyen :

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