Thursday, 8 August 2013

Underwater Dogs Book

 The exuberant, exhilarating photographs of dogs underwater that have become a sensation

My photography teacher came across this book and introduced it to the class. I was taken back by this book. The book was passed around in class and everyone was amazed!

From leaping Lab to diving Dachshund, it shows the true colours of these dogs.
I actually find it rather cute!

Seth Casteel is an award-winning pet photographer and animal rights activist.


"Surprising and funny." -- New York Times

 "Different from anything you've seen before." --

 "Award-winning photographer Casteel captures his range of subjects with great affection and the variety of expressions and acrobatic poses will keep you chuckling for hours." -- The Daily Mail

Here's a Link to more photos and more about Casteel and his photography:!/home

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