Wednesday, 18 September 2013

50 Reasons why I LOVE YOU.

Reasons why I LOVE YOU
For my love, Juandre.

1.Your smile always lights up my day.
2.I love how you are the first person I want to see when I go to sleep, and the first person I want to wake up to.
3.I love the way you laugh.
4.I love how we can talk without saying a word.
5.I love the way you kiss me.
6.You love me even with all my faults.
7.You know how to bring a smile to my face.
8.I love how we can have fun doing absolutely nothing.
9.Because of you, no matter what may come tomorrow, today my life is more complete.
10.Love how you are adventurous and like to try new things.

11.I love the look in your eyes when you tell me you love me.
12.I love that I couldn't picture myself without you.
13.Love your great cooking.
14.I love how you play with my hair.
15.I Love your personality.
16.I love when you tell me you miss me.
17.I love that I learn each day how much you love me.
18.I love that I learn each day how much I love you, especially when you're gone.
19.I love our little jokes.
20.I love that I am your partner.
21.I love doing the little things for you.
22.I love the way you show your affection when we're in public.
23.I love the fact that you want to be with me and only me.
24.I love the way you take the time to show me how much you love me.
25.I love your confidence.
26.I love the special moments that we share that will remain with me forever.
love how your voice sounds on the phone when you miss me.
27.The way your hand always finds mine.
28.I love you not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me...
29.I love the way, how even though we may be miles apart I still feel like you're right here with me.
30.I love that your mine.
31.I love how you are my soul mate.
32.I love the way I know you'll never give up on me.

33.I love it when we stay up late watching movies and fall asleep on the couch together. 
34.I love your touch. 
35.I love cuddling with you.
36.I love you for the way you make me feel when I am with you.
37.I love your humor.
38.I love that you are the last voice I hear before I go to bed.
39.I love that since the day you came into my life, everything's been perfect.
40.I love how you complete me.
41.I love how I know you'll always be there when I need you to be.
42.I love that you love spending time with me.
43.I love the way I can't imagine a day without you in my life.
44.I love how I thank God every day for bringing someone as wonderful as you into my life.
45.I love you just the way you are.
46.I love our life together. 
47.I love the way you take the time to thank me for doing everyday things. 
48.I love your ability to make me feel better when times are tough. 
49.I love the special moments that we share.

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