Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Ritz / Cape Town

In summer we say its beyond boiling hot. In winter we complain about how freezing cold it gets. That's South Africa for you, but SA is my home.
Most of all the Mother City, Cape Town is where i love to be.
Last night i was fortunate enough to enjoy a meal at The Ritz Restuarant in Cape Town.
All i can say was that it was a night not to forget! 
The food was devine, the view unbelievable and i could not of asked for better company.
Having a drink and watching the sunset. Bliss.
I would recommend this remarkable place in Cape Town to anyone looking for a romantic evening out or to enjoy the amazing view with family.

The Ritz Hotel and Restuarant, you'll be seeing me soon!

Click here for The Ritz Website

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